About Us

What is the Consortium?

The Large Countywide and Suburban District Consortium is an invitational network of large, diverse, innovative, and leading suburban and countywide school districts dedicated to dramatically improving public education through collaboration, leadership, and advocacy.

The Consortium envisions a public education system that ensures every student—regardless of background—realizes his or her full potential.

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What makes the Consortium districts unique?

Success. Consortium districts each have a track record of success in supporting all students in the attainment of 21st Century outcomes including success in closing achievement gaps and sustaining improvement in struggling schools.

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Leadership. Consortium districts each have a superintendent who has demonstrated leadership in closing achievement gaps and improving schools overall. These superintendents have been and will work together to be strong voices for sound policies and programs that strengthen public education.

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Diversity. Consortium districts each have significant and growing student diversity including diversity in race, ethnicity, national origin and socio-economic status.

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Size and Scale. Consortium districts collectively serve more than 1.8 million students and their families. Many are among the largest in the country; others are large when compared to districts in their state or region. Their size allows them to build capacity and to establish proof points for scalable practices.

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Locale. Consortium districts are generally located in suburban areas. Many serve the entire county in which they are located. However, most include urban, suburban, and rural areas.


Our Work

In what ways do the members of the Consortium work together
to achieve our mission?

Establishing a Community of Practice

Collaboration among Consortium members is designed to improve policy and practice, particularly with regard to some of the major reforms being undertaken today, and to identify the linchpins of success so that they can be studied, summarized and shared to inform the work of other district leaders and policymakers at all levels.

Drawing from Effective Practice to Inform Federal and State Policy

Consortium members have successes to share and perspectives on the importance and potential of public education, yet historically they have not had a forum through which to make their best practices known and their voices heard. Together, the members of this group focus on issues unique to the Consortium and in doing so seek to devise and carry out strategies for sharing the lessons (practice-to-policy exemplars) they have learned that can inform the development of federal policy and national reform efforts.

Promoting Success at Scale through Best Practice, Innovation, and Leadership

The Consortium's practice-to-policy exemplars and other innovative efforts also serve as the basis for the development of tools and resources for each other, for other districts, and for national organizations that are supporting next-generation learning models.


Our Leadership

Member districts have self-funded the Consortium since its inception in 2012, believing strongly in the value of cross-district collaboration and the collective vision of the organization. The Consortium is managed by EducationCounsel and operates in affiliation with AASA, The School Superintendents Association (AASA). The Consortium is governed by a Board that consists of three elected officers, each of whom serves on the Board for a total of four years, along with AASA's Executive Director. 

Our current board members include:


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